About Filmset​

Filmset’s main goal is to make it simpler for property owners and filmmakers to connect, changing the way we look at finding locations for films.

Our innovative platform consolidates properties where film productions can take place. The platform hosts locations represented by location agents, location scouts, film commissions, properties owned by government, private sector, and businesses. We put them all in one user-friendly platform.

Our Mission

With Filmset, we want to showcase each region’s unique architecture and geographical landscape as a premier destination for filmmakers, and our aim is to be the go-to place for finding every possible filming location. We team up with Callsheet Africa and The Filmmakers Guide to Africa to promoted our platform at events, local meet-ups, and international film festivals and markets.

Filmset isn’t just about making it easier to find locations for film productions. We’re also a big supporter of the global film industry, helping it grow and connecting with important investments from industry leaders.

Our Team

Lance Gibbons


Raymond Wynne

Technical Director

Cindy Jarvis

Production Manager

Cola Pullen


Talia Adonis

Graphic Designer

Lisa Johnson

Locations Curator

Octavia Ndlovu

Production Assistant

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